Eco And Health club

Eco Club

β€œNo one is an environment by birth, it is only your path, your life, your travels that awaken you β€œ

Eco Club

The environment club of lord Mahavira School keeping the motto towards conserving natural resources under the aegis of the environment club.

Ecology is vital not only for practical, environmental reasons, but also for the well-being and sanity of students growing up in an increasingly urban world.

Lord Mahavira School's Environment Club is the key to keep students invested in the protection of the world around us.

Health and Wellness Club

"Health is a state of body, wellness is a state of being."

Eco Club

As per the requirement of the present day in the INDIAN society, it has been decided that care for the heath of citizens has to be taken care right from the childhood.

Realing this our school too decided to introduce a Health and Wellness Club for students. The main aim of this Club is to make the students aware of their health hygiene of self and their surroundings. This would also help us to utilize the maximum energy of the adolescent for creativity; discovery and exploration of the best in the world. This will also control the feelings of frustration, anger, and confusion isolation etc due to certain physical hormonal and mental changes at this period of growth.

Making health card with specification of blood group, allergic dieses (if their is any),weight,height(August)
1. Poster/declamation on dengue and chikagungia (August)    2. Anti-crackers compaign (Octcober)    3. Swachch School abhiyan (October)

This Club formed consists of two teacher's incharge with group of students as leaders for the smooth running of this Club. Health Club as the name suggests has taken up some projects at the school level to serve the purpose they are:-

  • Regular checking of nails.
  • Regular checking of Tiffin’s of the students to make sure that they come with proper food.
  • Regular checking of tidiness of dresses.
  • Awareness classes to be conducted to make them aware of certain communicable diseases, bad effects of drugs etc through talks delivered by doctors or experts.
  • Preparing notice boards on certain occasions like World health day, World Population Day Malaria Day. Red Cress Day AIDS Day etc. 1.Talk on Oral Hygiene(Talk for Juniors)
  • No Drug Day (Speech on the assembly)
  • World Population Day (Speech in the assembly)
  • Talk on Drug addiction (Talk for seniors).

The activities under the scheme include: -

  1. Students adopted one tree or plant. Look initial to protect it.
  2. Environment related game -"web of life".
  3. Students used waste bottles to grow plants in these bottles.
  4. Students used waste bottles to grow plants in these bottles.
  5. Energy saving activity-"Turn off, Save on".
  6. Questing waste material.
  7. Think before buying.
  8. Mimicking Nature.
  9. e-Awareness.
  10. Design for environment.
  11. Environment files.
  12. Unpacking the packaging waste.
  13. The journey of waste.
  14. To be observant of the waste of water in household, school and public areas.
  15. Be 'fuel'ish or be smart!! (The environmental impacts from our transportation habits and lifestyles)
  16. Concept of organic food.

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